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Portland Divorce Law Firm Serving Oregon and Washington

When you need a divorce law firm in Portland, or a Portland child custody law firm, you can feel confident in choosing Gearing, Rackner and Engel, LLP.  The firm serves Washington and Oregon in matters pertaining to:

How to select a divorce law firm in Portland

Not all Portland child custody law firms are alike.  Not all Portland divorce law firms are equally capable of meeting your legal needs in this difficult time.  How then can you determine the most capable and appropriate family law attorney to protect your rights and give you a strong voice before a judge?  We invite you to compare other divorce law firms in Portland with Gearing, Rackner and Engel, LLP using these critical measures:

  • Experience—Our seasoned partners share seventy years of cumulative experience in family law.
  • Success—When selecting a Portland family law firm, ask them directly about their success record.  Our experience is road-tested and proven, and full of success stories in Portland divorce litigation and arbitration and child custody cases.
  • Focus—Gearing, Rackner and Engel, LLP does not claim to a jack of all legal trades.  A firm that does is likely a master of none.  We focus exclusively on family law, including divorce, separation, and child custody.  That focus ensures that you are getting a highly skilled lawyer with a strong reputation with the courts and with fellow practitioners.
  • Compassion—We understand that child custody and divorce are likely among the most stressful events a person will face in life.  While we are tenacious in the protection of your rights, we are compassionate in counsel, treating you with respect and care.
  • Principle—Our approach is to do everything possible to ensure the best outcome in settlement or trial. We give thoughtful and diligent attention to all facts and legal issues. We impart realistic objectives and provide the services needed to realize those objectives

Your first choice in divorce or child custody law firms in Portland, OR

When you need a divorce, separation, or child custody law firm in Portland, Oregon, trust the experienced, compassionate lawyers at Gearing, Rackner and Engel, LLP.  Contact us online or call 503-222-9116 today.

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