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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Portland

The divorce process can be painful and emotionally-charged for everyone concerned, but it does not have to be that way.  Even when couples are unable to reach agreement to the all terms of their divorce on their own, enlisting the services of a divorce mediator in Portland can bridge the gap and help reduce the stress of this difficult transition.

The role of a Portland divorce mediator

In essence, a divorce mediator is a neutral party who objectively facilitates negotiations to both spouses, allowing them to reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce.  While mediators are often specially-trained divorce attorneys, they can be anyone skilled in helping individuals come to the compromise agreements needed to negotiate a fair divorce settlement.

How Portland divorce mediation works

In Portland, divorce mediation is likely to play a role in most types of uncontested divorce that require a neutral third party.  The following are two examples:

  • Negotiating a mediated divorce:  When both spouses want to make their own decisions on their divorce terms, but they do not agree on all issues, they can bring their lawyers to a meeting headed by a mediator to iron out their differences.  Once agreement is reached, the court process is greatly simplified.  The finalized divorce is generally less expensive, and, the spouses are often more satisfied with the results because they contributed to the process.
  • Collaborative divorce:  This type of divorce requires that all attorneys have specialized training in collaborative law, and both spouses must be strongly committed to the process.  In this case, the mediator presides over a number of meetings attended by a divorce team, which includes both spouses, their collaborative attorneys, and any combination of specialists to help with the financial, emotional, and other issues, including the best interests of the children.

When both spouses can use mediation to settle their differences, the benefits of a mediated divorce can be dramatic:

  • They retain more control over the results of their divorce.
  • They can emerge from their divorce with greater respect for each other, allowing them to start fresh lives free of the emotional baggage that can hamper a bright future.
  • Their children can adjust more easily to the changes in their lives because both parents continue to provide unified support.

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