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Steps to Filing Divorce in Portland

Whether a couple is in complete agreement on every issue or cannot agree on anything, everyone follows certain basic steps to go through the Portland divorce process.  Understanding these steps can help you take the right road toward the new life you seek.

Finding the right attorney

When you decide to file divorce in Portland, the first step is to find an experienced divorce attorney with whom you can comfortably and honestly discuss the details of your situation.  The attorneys at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP have the skills and compassion you need to help you make many important decisions throughout the process and look out for your interests.

Deciding on the type of divorce and defining the terms

You have a number of options when deciding on the type of divorce that is right for you.  In some cases, spouses cannot reach an agreement without the help of a judicial decision on division of property, spousal support, and the many critical issues relating to your children.  This situation requires a contested divorce.

The good news is that many couples are in agreement on many or all terms.  These couples can pursue a friendlier form of uncontested divorce.  You may agree on the issues before court through divorce mediation, or you may reach agreement through a relatively new form of divorce—collaborative divorce.  This requires specially-trained collaborative divorce attorneys in Portland—available at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP

Going to court

Even when the divorce terms have been completely settled, every divorce requires some contact with a judge to make the divorce official.  In the most contentious situations, both spouses present their cases before a judge decides all the terms based on a combination of the cases presented and the guidelines of the Oregon divorce laws.

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Each Portland divorce attorney at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP has the experience and compassion needed to help you through this difficult period of your life.  If you are considering divorce in Oregon or Washington, contact us online, or call us at 503.222.9116.


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