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Types of Divorce

Divorce is generally assumed to be a highly contentious, emotionally-painful process.  While this may be true for couples with serious issues, many couples seek ways to move on with their lives in a manner that ensures the best futures for themselves and their children.  Oregon law governs all divorces in Portland.  It offers different types of divorce to meet the needs of couples in situations.

Collaborative divorce in Portland

Collaborative divorce is a recent approach that originated in Minnesota in 1990.  In a collaborative divorce, the spouses are represented by specially-trained collaborative attorneys in Portland.  The process involves attending a number of meetings, with an impartial mediator presiding, to negotiate all terms of the divorce, such as the following:

  • Division of property
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support

The meetings often rely on the expertise of many professionals to help ensure a fair settlement.  It is common for financial experts to attend, particularly when a family business or other financial complications exist.  In addition, psychological professionals can attend to help deal with emotional issues—each situation determines who is needed to help achieve resolution.

Portland collaborative divorce requires a strong commitment from both parties because failure to come to agreement carries serious consequences.  Portland collaborative law requires that any attorneys involved in the collaborative process may not represent their clients if the case ends up in court.  This means that both spouses must replace their Portland collaborative lawyers with new divorce attorneys, moving the process back to the very beginning.

The Portland collaborative attorneys at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP have the experience to help their clients decide if they have good chances for a successful collaborative divorce.  And, when collaborative divorce is a valid option, we have the specialized training required to help our clients through the process.

Uncontested divorce in Portland

A Portland uncontested divorce is essentially when both spouses arrive in divorce court already in agreement on the terms of their divorce.  They may have reached agreement on their own, or they may have enlisted the help of a divorce mediator to help them resolve their differences.  The bottom line is that the judge no longer has to make decisions pertaining to the futures of the spouses or their children.  The courtroom process amounts to little more than an administrative procedure—the judge reviews the terms and, if approved, initiates the process of finalizing the divorce.

Portland contested divorce

The attorneys at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP take every possible action to help clients avoid the pain of a contested divorce in Portland.  But, when the issues are severe and the spouses cannot agree without the decisions of a judge, we do everything possible to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

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Choosing the right type of divorce is a major decision.  The Portland divorce attorneys at Gearing, Rackner and Engle, LLP take the time needed to get to know you and truly understand the details of your situation before advising you on the best approach.  If you are considering a divorce in Oregon or Washington, contact us online, or call us at 503.222.9116.


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